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Handy Recovery 1.0

Handy Recovery helps recover deleted files that are not damaged
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Handy Recovery is a small program. It recovers deleted files and folders.
We can get lots of such programs online. Now, how does a program recover the deleted file? When a file is deleted, all the data is not gone. The record of the file in the file allocation table is deleted. So the data remains intact, unless of course, some other file was written over it.

Handy Recovery provides us with a simple, easy-to-use interface. We get the volume list on the left side. Select any volume and click "Analyze". We can see that the deleted files and folders are marked with a cross sign, and are listed within the respective folders from which they were deleted. This is quite convenient with items we have directly deleted (Shift + Del). But the recycle bin items are listed in a separate folder and should be browsed too. Recovering is easy with a right click. Just don’t recover anything to the volume from which it was deleted.

The latest version of the program is 4.0. It has improved features like file previewing, recovering deleted volumes/disks, etc. But it is not a freeware. The program was actually developed as a freeware and when they found that people liked using it, more improvements were made. It costs around 49$. But the program is really good, worth the price.

Zack Martin
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  • Freeware
  • Can view the deleted files in their pervious folders


  • Cannot preview files
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